Treatment (For Shot Types)

Considering the fact that I was going to make a documentary I had to capture many different shots from all sorts of angles. So I’ve a produced a short explanation of the different camera shots that I used in my documentary as part of this treatment.

Here below are a couple of establishing shots from my documentary to show the point of view of the cameraman and the person talking. For example, in this shot you have an establishing shot of a pub which zooms out to reveal the point of view.


Here is another establishing shot, whereas this its point of view shot of the construction of White Hart Lane and from the zoom out you can see the building.


Down below are a couple of Close-ups which shows the audience what the main focus is on in that particular scene/shot. In the shot down below you have a close-up of one of the Tottenham fans talking and facing the interviewee.


Here is another close-up of the producer who is talking about what he is doing today. As it’s a close-up, you can tell that the attention is on him and the maker wants the audience to focus on him.


On the other hand, I did also capture other shots e.g the medium shot which gives you a clue of the setting and the surroundings. Down below is medium of the one of the Tottenham fans introducing himself to the audience.


Furthermore, here is another medium shot of the Tottenham fan talking and you get a sense that it is interview because of the way he is sitting (how he is looking over at the interviewee like you would in a documentary).


To show my creativity with the camera I managed to get a couple of long shots also. As you can see down below is a shot of the producer walking and narrating. You can see where the scene is set (in front of the Spurs shop).


Here is another long shot of Tottenham legend Chris Jones’s meet and greet. From the shot you can where it’s taking place and who is at the event (the people who attended).


However, I managed to gather camera shot’s to use in my documentary including the pan shot, 90 degrees rule, point of view and the zoom. Here is a couple of examples:

This is a 90 degree rule which is from the 90 degree angle of the camera.


Here is pan shot of the producer walking and talking at the same time while the camera is moving with him.


Down below is Point of view shot of from where it reveals the setting.




Shooting Schedule


Here is the shooting schedule for my documentary and clearly from the table you can see what I was shooting on certain days what types of camera shots I captured.

Day of shooting

Shot type

Description Of Shot


Scene Number(s)


Day 1 – 4/05/2017 – more than half of the scenes were bunched into this day as it was a perfect day to capture these shots because of the game that I attended so there were more fans than they usually would be on other days. LS/MS/CU of places near White Hart Lane and the stadium itself. Seeing as this was the first day of filming I needed to get different camera shots to get off to a good start. Scenes 1-5 were all shot on Day 1. Although scenes 1-5 were all shot on the same day, which was in the correct order, the other scenes that followed were shot in different days. White Hart Lane – Most of the shots were shot inside or outside the stadium, although there were establishing and other shots of the area including local pubs and shops that are near the stadium.
Day 2 – 11/05/2017 – only a few scenes were filmed on this day as there weren’t too many fans around so I did the best I could, although I got the chance to meet a club legend. LS/MS – of the interviewee (myself) introducing what he will be doing and there is many other shots of the area/stadium. Scenes 9 and 10 were shot on Day 2. The scenes weren’t shot in order but were placed in the correct order at the end. White Hart Lane – I got to meet Chris Jones near the stadium and managed to go around the area to see the wonderful sights of the stadium and place.
Day 3 – 16/05/2017 – the majority of the scenes of the scenes were shot on this day as I got interviewed fans of the club and got many other good shots of the area and stadium. Of course as it being the last day of shooting I had to finish off filming which I had did in a fashionable style. LS/MS/CU – different of inside the stadium and signs of the club. Plus, there was many shots of public/fans walking around with their kit’s and families. Scenes 6,7,8,11 were all shot on Day 3 and of course scene 12 is credits so it was just added at the end. Lilywhite House – This is the day where I got interview the fans so it was a must that I got different camera shots of them when they were talking otherwise it would’ve been plain and dull. The location that the interviews were shot in was the Lilywhite House based right next to the stadium, White Hart Lane.

Here is a link to the same version of this Shooting Schedule in a Google Form version:

Script For Voice over

“On my travels of White hart I got news that Tottenham legend Chris Jones was doing a meet and greet so I decided to go and meet the man himself”.

“Jones joined Tottenham Hotspur as an apprentice in May 1973. The forward played a total of 185 matches including 19 substitute appearances and scoring 42 goals in all competitions”.

“Unfortunately I couldn’t interview the man himself but managed to get a picture with him”.

New Questions For Interview (Tottenham Fans)

What do you think about the transformation of the club from the past 5 seasons?

What do you think the new stadium is going to bring in terms of opportunities?

Do you think there is going to be any changes in the local community regarding the construction of the new stadium?

What are your hopes of this club in the next five years.

What are your fondest memories of White Hart Lane?



  1.  Me: Hello guys, My name is Onder Aslan and today Im at white hart lane to interview and watch the u23’s of tottenham football club. I am hoping to get the views and opinions of fans of this beloved football club.

(have shots of the stadium and surroundings)

*interviewing fans in between – narrations

2.  This is a famous football ground and it was first opened in 1899 around 118 years ago which is quite extraordinary when you think about the special memories which had been displayed in this particular stadium.

(have different shots from different angles)

*interviewing fans in between the narrations

3. Tottenham hotspur is a well known football around europe and has majorly grown over past couple of years and the fans are one of the reasons for that happening.

(shots of inside the stadium.)

*interviewing fans in between the narrations

4. So as you can see I’m here outside the stadium right after the game and I’m truly honoured to say that the atmosphere was incredible and the turnout was tremendous.

shots of fans and all of the stadium

*interviewing fans in between the narrations

5.From what I’ve seen today I am proud to say that fans play a huge role in their clubs development and play. also this incredible culture footballs fans showcase in London is amazing and I strongly advise everyone to come out here to have an experience of this football culture.

*Wrapped up by different camera shots of me and the stadium