Uses and Purposes Of Audio


Today I did some research on how sound is used in – TV/film – sound – based media (radio/podcasts)

What is the purpose of sound in a moving image product?

  • To create a mood – e.g. sad/slow music: sympathy
  • g. happy, uplifting music
  • Sound effects used in action, e.g. car crash – this is usually added on/enhanced in the edit using Foley.
  • Silence: tension/ suspense
  • Dialogue – story – telling or narration
  • 3rd person dialogue – talking in a “natural” environment, watching their story is the narration
  • 2nd person narration – voiceover – direct story – telling, we can’t see narrator.
  • 1st person: we see a presenter/ narrator who directly addresses us e.g. the news.

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